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Wonder Hoodie™ was created out of a personal need to protect loved ones. After a tragic neighborhood incident, their founder, Vy, searched online for protective clothing for her family and friends.


Frustrated by poor quality and high prices, she set her sights on creating her own line of affordable, bulletproof protective apparel.

Now, through a partnership with Shadow Works, we are combining the expertise of Wonder Hoodie™ with the superior technology available in our SWX™ fabric.


Wonder Hoodie™ is now using our patented SWX™ fabric which protects against Puncture, Flame, Cut, and Abrasion. 

Shadow Work's SWX™ combines a penetration and flame resistant knitted layer in a modified interlock construction. The SWX™ knit creates a tight ribbed fabric with excellent dimensional stability and no seam finishes preventing it from unraveling.

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