When you need the MOST protection against cut, slash, stab, puncture, abrasion and the MOST against flame, the EXTRACTION glove is the one to wear. Built with multiple layers of SWX™ material, a knuckle guard on the back is standard for more protection.


This glove has the highest protection ratings and is perfect to protect Fireman’s hands during extrication calls, police or military personnel needing to do a 90-foot fast-rope, and for soldiers needing to operate then change the barrel of their mounted 50 in the middle of a gunfight. With touchscreen fingertips you can also text your mom hello after your done.

EXTRACTOR: Operator Heavy

    • Double Layer SWX
    • Glove Grip - Leather
    • Touchscreen - Yes
    • Glove Grip - SWX™ Fabric
    • Touchscreen - Fingertips
    • Abrasion - 3 out of 4
    • Circular Cut - 5 out of 5
    • Straight Cut - Level D
    • Tear - 4 out of 4
    • Puncture - 4+ out of 4
    • ASTM Tested for Fire Resistance
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