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Protection against edged weapons and still have the most dexterity for handling car keys, pulling triggers, patting down a bad guy, or sliding down a 30-foot fast-rope from a helicopter.


Made with a single layer of SWX™ material it has touchscreen capable fingertips, protects against cut, slash, stab, puncture, abrasion, and flame better than the competition.


Cinch the glove around your wrist with the velcro strap and wear with confidence on the street, in the sand box and even underwater.

PATROL : Operator Light

    • Glove Grip - SWX™ Fabric
    • Abrasion - 2 out of 4
    • Circular Cut - 2 out of 5
    • Straight Cut - Level B
    • Tear - 4 out of 4
    • Puncture - 3+ out of 4
    • ASTM Tested for Fire Resistance
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